Sunday, April 16, 2006

A vegetarian, animal rights, eco-friendly treehugger isn't always and doesn't have to be a liberal

This is all about stereotypes. I know conservatives can say this applies to them in the same way, but quite honestly, I think people with leftist viewpoints have it a bit tougher when it comes to social stigma.

I can be considered very liberal and/or leftist (I prefer leftist) when it comes to animal rights and welfare, environmentalism, vegetarianism, and so forth. This doesn't mean I'm pro-choice, anti-gun, or I'm against Republican social policies. What it does mean I'm a leftist when it comes to my interests and what I stand for. However, because of the views and convictions that I'm so strong with, I'm immediately labeled with an entire spectrum of individuals that I have no correlation with whatsoever. Personally speaking, I think this is sometimes more damaging to what I believe in than the actual opposition.

Whenever confronted with conversation or debate about my beliefs, I often find myself wasting more time on useless rhetoric trying to clarify stereotypes opposed to actually discussing the topic at hand. The end result to this ultimately just creates more obstacles and obstructions to getting my point across and justifying my beliefs.

I know the average attention span of online readers is something like 90 seconds so I don't want to lose what I'm trying to say here due to time constraints.

Let me just end things by saying this one thing, "the worst thing a leftist has to face is the stereotype place on him/her because of what other leftists do or think, opposition isn't always the biggest adversary here."



Animals murdered everyday while vegetarians and vegans worry more about sharing recipes on net

Okay, I'm going to say it and I'm going to keep saying it. What's up with the recipe websites ruling the net for vegetarian and vegan searches? How come 90% of the first three pages on all the major search engines for vegetarian and vegan related keywords are for damn recipes?

Don't believe me? Here are some search examples for the keyword "vegetarian" on major search engines... Google, Yahoo, HotBot,... and the list goes on.

I'm kind of appalled by this fact. I know many can argue and say thing like not all vegetarians and vegans are in it for animal rights. I know many will say there's a lot of Hindus that are vegetarians. My answer is, "I don't care who, why, and for what reason." Bottom line, animal rights and welfare websites should be the ones on getting the better placement for these keywords. If Google, Yahoo, and any other major search engine is placing recipe websites ahead for these keywords then:

A) Recipe websites are simply more popular for these searches (very pathetic, but at this point of time true)
B) Animal Rights and Welfare websites, issues, movements, organizations, etc, etc,.. Aren't doing their jobs on the internet to get a higher placement.
C) It's a right-winged conspiracy.

The answer isn't "C" because the right-winged conspiracy isn't smart enough to figure out Google's algorithm. So using a bit of deductive logic here that leaves us with A and B. Sad reality is they are both correct.

Don't take me wrong for one second, I think vegetarian and vegan recipes are great. I'm glad there are so many websites that have such a rich source of info as far as recipes go. It's just when recipes seem to be more important than convictions (proven by keyword popularity,) then I think a lot of people who are for animal rights and welfare have a lot of work ahead.

Personally, I just think this has to change. Anyone want to help? I know I'm trying!!!



Saturday, April 15, 2006

The animal rights group PeTA stirs up Christians and conservatives

In the blogoshpere there is alot of rant and raving about the WoldNetDaily's article PETA stages 'crucifixion' at cathedral. Apparently Christians are a bit upset of the fact that the animal rights group PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) dared to use the suffering and death of Jesus Christ as a comparative of the suffering and killing of animals.

Here is an excerpt of that article...

The Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna, News24 reported, called the action a "completely unacceptable falsification of the religious dimension of Good Friday."

The statement said that while PETA may have good intentions, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was not suited "to transport secondary messages."

.. Of course PeTA had good intentions. Despite of what some ultra conservatives may think, PeTA is not out to get or hurt anyone.

Now my question is this. What would Christ do?

Isn't this exactly what Christ did in his teachings? Didn't Jesus himself teach using parables and use comparatives to promote his message?

PeTA's demonstration did nothing more than follow in Christ's footsteps.


PeTA Needs to Slow Down With The Celebrities

After just receiving PeTA's Spring 2006 issue of Animal Times, once again there is a celebrity on the front page. This time the front page depicts a happy picture of Mariah Carey with captions, "Mariah Gave Us Her Furs.. You Can Too."

Dear PeTA,

Most of the Hollywood stars and celebrities are the most superficial crowd out there. They use anything they can to feed their own superficial image. I understand if you can get celebs to make a stand it does get publicity in the media; however, I just feel the animal rights movement is lacking a culture. This culture needs to be brought forth from the ground up. Let's start trying to cater to hometown USA or Hometown World. It's everyday people who matter and make real changes in this world. Collectively, regular citizens with no "high profile" status is where the real power and change in this world comes from.

Mariah Carey might have gave up her furs... But what type of person was she to begin with for owning them?



Friday, April 14, 2006

Be Vegetarian Not VegeTRENDian

If there are two types of vegetarians which I try so hard not to identify myself with it's the ones in for the health reasons only and even worse the ones in it for the image. The first type is typically selfish and don't really care about animals and only do it for their own well being, and the other type are just trying to give themselves some sort of identity to fit with their crowd (hence the term vegeTRENDians.) The vegeTRENDians typically never seem to last too long anyways.

I do have to give them both some sort of credit because no matter what their reasons are their lifestyle is sparing the lives of animals. However, there is just something to these types that I feel give the whole vegetarian sub-culture a sort of black eye.

If your a vegetarian or vegan for animal rights reasons and are consistent with your believes my hat goes off to you. Your displaying moral convictions and putting the welfare of other living things above your own selfish wants and needs. We need more of this type in the world.

The other types... sometimes make me wonder if we should even be remotely characterized with them. Almost as if vegetarians and vegans for animal rights reasons need our own new title to distinguish ourselves away from the other types.


Animal Rights Opposition Is Winning Keyword Dominance

This is a continuation for my previous blog entitled, "Animal Rights Movement is Lacking CyberActivism and Keyword Dominance" where I touched based on a few issues about where animal rights related issues is lacking in keyword search results. I now feel it necessary to make a new post entirely on the fact how opposing viewpoints are dominating animal rights related issues in blogs.

The verdict is simple, proponents of animal rights and welfare aren't doing enough on the world wide web. As far as the blogging world goes, take a look at the first few pages from the search results for the keyword animal rights and you will see how the opposition is dominating in the search results.

The animal rights community on the world wide web desperately needs to do more to get our message out. The opposition is using our own keywords against us and winning


Animal Rights Movement is Lacking CyberActivism and Keyword Dominance

I'm not going to sit here and rant and rave what proponents of animal rights and welfare need to do. There is however something I need to ask though,... "Where is everybody on the net?" Has anyone tried searching lately for vegetarian or vegan blogs, or perhaps searching for other related keywords via your favorite search engine? If you try this you may not even notice at first glance what I'm talking about.

Animal rights and welfare has little dominance on the first pages of any search engine or any search mechanism on the web for that matter. It you look at the Google results for the keyword 'vegetarian,' you will see it's a great search for someone interested in a vegetarian recipe; however, it's of little importance of why you should be a vegetarian for animal welfare related issues. Here is an example of the same keyword searching, unfortunately the next runner up with this keyword is the opposition and adversaries.

I'm not in anyway downing recipe websites and sites that simply promote a vegetarian way of life. However, I'm slightly disappointed in animal rights related results which in their own right should have their presence on the first pages of search results for these related keywords.

The movement itself along with webmasters of animal rights and welfare related websites need to do a little more to get our presence on the world wide web. Especially as with my example, when the opposition is dominating our keywords more than we are.

Animal Research Proponents Targeting Adwords

While setting up my adsense code on my website I kept noticing a certain ad popping up on my screen. Though the ad seemed innocent enough it wasn't until I clicked on it that the appalling truth came to be. The website appears to be backed by the special interest of the animal testing industry and they propagate the testing of animals as something just and un-cruel. While I can sit here and type all day and tell you everything that I find appalling about this website and the people behind it, I'm just going to leave it to you to decide.

Personally, is something to be noted about and I would recommend that anyone with a Google Adsense account filter out this site. However, to sit here and continuously type about them would give them too much attention and this site isn't worth it weight and shouldn't be worth anybody's time.

Just a personal note to

Who are you to play God and try to justify that it's okay to test animals and their lives can be used as a commodity? So is it okay to test the pet without a home because he/she has nobody to protect them from your industry? The animals who you propose it's alright to test are just victims of circumstance and their only crime is not being owned by a human who cares about them. Not to lose my composure over what you stand for, but personally speaking, "Go to hell"